• The thermowood production process is based on treating the wood in especially high temperature (170 – 220° C) while in steam environment. The heat treating changes the cellular structure of the wood, extracting all moisture, bacteria and acids. Such “heated” wood is very unsuitable soil for all types of fungi, mold and rot, thus making it more resistant to the environmental impact. Heat treatment allows complete extraction of resin, which means that heat treated softwood planks can be successfully used not only as flooring, but even for sauna and bathroom finishing. Heat treatment improves wood’s resistance and immunity to environmental impact. For example, the durability of heat-treated birch and pine is comparable to that of oak. Furthermore, thermo-wood is characterized by low moisture holding capacity. Increased durability of thermo-wood is obtained without any chemical substances. The production and finishing processes do not involve any chemical substances that might be potentially harmful to the wood or to humans. It is recommended to use natural wood oil or wax to treat thermo-wood, adding beautiful sheen and preventing moisture absorption. In addition, such treatment helps to protect the wood from UV radiation, which may cause gradual loss of the beautiful brown hue of the wood.
  • One of the main benefits of thermowood is its size stability. Natural wood products in outdoor environments tend to deform over time, while thermo-wood is protected from such deformation. Also there are a lot less cracking and the cracks are smaller, less conspicuous. During the heat treatment process the natural sugar in the wood – lignin – is caramelized, resulting in a beautiful golden brown hue. However, the surface gradation depends not only from the lignin content in the wood, but also the length and temperature of the heat treatment. Heat-treated wood is 30% more heat resistant.
  • Thermowood can be used for interior and exterior finishing. The most popular indoor uses of heat-treated materials include flooring, living space wall paneling, as well as sauna, bathroom and shower finishing. Outdoor applications of heat treated wood mainly include terrace and wall finishing.

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